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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find everything book publishing, and the power of defining your own path to mental wellness and living well.

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How I Started My Author-Publisher Journey

During my seventh year of undergrad, I had an epiphany. Despite nearing graduation with a Mass Communication degree, I realized that Journalism wasn’t my true path. My dream was to be an author. Encouraged by my mentor, I spent two years as a copy editor at publishing houses, yet my book remained unwritten.

Later, as a survivor, I channeled my focus into advocating for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. In January 2018, I launched my own book publishing company alongside my mental wellness journey. Balancing business growth with personal healing has been challenging but incredibly rewarding, allowing me to intertwine both passions to make a meaningful impact.

If life’s complexities mirror your struggles, ‘In the Beginning’ unlocks Paula’s journey, navigating emotions, relationships, and faith with depth.

Feel stuck? ‘In the Beginning’ unfolds Paula’s journey from betrayal to promiscuity, encountering Alexander. This narrative delves into assault, violence, and religious complexities. Uncover vivid prose, fearlessly exploring harsh realities, expertly conveyed by Arilia J. Winn, advocating for trauma survivors. Inspired by life, categorized as fiction, this crafted tale entertains, leaving readers eager to see Paula navigate turbulent waters.


Sharing My Wellness Journey To Create Community

Seeking connections and healing from depression? Check out “Seeking to Connections: An Anthology to Finding The Right People” to discover a path towards inner peace and emotional well-being.

Have you survived trauma and are you seeking a way to get well and continue to live well? Dive into my blog posts here to uncover the transformative power of meditation and writing for your wellness journey.

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