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Reaching Mindful Writers

Join me for the Mindful Writer’s Cafe

A part of your daily writing routine and an extension of your publishing team

Miss Winn offers self-publishing services or will consider your manuscript for a hybrid-publishing deal

Book whatever you don’t feel like doing alone and get professional publishing assistance. 

I'm An Author

I write poetry, fictional short stories, children’s coloring books, inspirational reads, and courses plus ebooks for book writers who want to learn how to step up their self-publishing skills.

I'm a book Publisher

I’ve been in the publishing industry for almost 9 years and the CEO at Winn Publications since Jan. 2018.

And I Sell Books

by indie authors, and journals I’ve designed, mugs, and more to fuel your love for books.

It was only after I became awake to my good that my whole life began to change.

Why people love to work with Miss Winn

  • Get started today and get your book published within 2 to 8 months.
  • Self-publishing? Avail of our a la carte hassle-free author services.
  • Get a response within 24 hours.
  • Miss Winn supports noble social issues and practices like the fight against domestic violence and cognitive behavioral therapy.