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Miss Winn owns and operates her name brand,  Winn Publications LLC, and several other brands and imprints! How does she do it? She works hard 6 days a week and rests one. She makes the best use of her time and resources. She seeks help and remains teachable, but confident. Miss Winn takes action when and where other’s aren’t. Success to her means having the ability to give exponentially of one’s time. However, because she cannot physically be in all places at once, it’s her goal to continue to put out tools until you learn how to get to the ‘W’ too.  

Hurry! Launch sale ends NoVember 15, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST. 


Offering authors (self-published and traditional) an assortment of opportunities, Miss Winn’s mission is to WIN together and publish beautiful books with and for her friends. The owner of 9 businesses and brands, Miss Winn has been able to grow and expand during the COVID pandemic. By creating opportunities for the author community it is Miss Winn’s life goal to be so successful that those who are connected to her in whatever way, reap the benefits too.

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"In The Beginning"

Author and publisher Arilia J. Winn shares her first-ever published short story, “In the Beginning”.  A story about Paula, a college student who struggles with navigating her emotions, her relationships, and her faith.

After having her virginity taken from her by her boyfriend, Paula dives into a life of promiscuity until she meets Alexander. A charming younger guy who woos her before eventually abusing her and launching her into a downward spiral.

This short story is sure to blow your mind and give you insight on issues that no one likes to talk about: sexual assault, domestic violence, and the dangers of misinterpreted religious theology.

Experiencing and studying about each of these issues, Miss Winn warns readers of the gruesome graphic details and language.

In the Beginning, is compiled of descriptive prose and a dash of poetry. It is sure to leave readers wanting to know more. How will Paula get through it all?


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