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As a 13x Published Author and Publishing Professional, here you will find answers to your book publishing questions, and insight on the power of defining your own path to better days.

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Starting on My AuthorTube Journey

As I sit down to document the beginning of my YouTube journey, I’m filled with a mix of excitement, determination, and a hint of apprehension. This decision didn’t come lightly; it’s been brewing within me for quite some time…

In the middle of the struggles, I discovered the power of resilience and the importance of celebrating small victories. Every mistake became a lesson, which others say is a testament to my dedication to the world of book publishing. And while 2023 may have been a down year financially, it was also a year of immense growth and self-discovery.

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As a dedicated publishing professional, my goal is to open a bookstore publishing house, blending the charm of a literary sanctuary with the opportunity  of  book publishing services. Since 2014, I’ve been in several win-win successes with authors. Helping them avoid publishing pitfalls, meet their publishing needs, and sustain their success as published authors.

If you’re an aspiring author struggling to start or complete your manuscript, I offer comprehensive courses on Gumroad designed to guide you through every step of the writing process. These courses provide the tools and knowledge necessary to overcome writer’s block, structure your narrative, and develop compelling characters, ensuring your story is ready to captivate readers.

Sharing My Wellness Journey To Find My Tribe

Looking for community and healing from depression? 

Check out “Seeking to Connections: An Anthology to Finding The Right People” to discover a path towards inner peace and emotional well-being.

Have you survived trauma and are you looking for a way to get well and continue to live well? Dive into my blog posts here to uncover the transformative power of meditation and writing for your wellness journey.

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Are you looking for A Book Publishing podcast?

Watch “Book Talk With Miss Winn: Get Equipped and Learn the Business of Book Publishing” 


Thank you for your prompt communication and quick service! You hit my deadline even though you didn't have to. Your professionalism was worth the price.
- Teishash
Steller, was very informative every step of the way.
- Rhemly
Excellent service. Easy to work with. Very prompt and efficient...
- Blackgold786
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Are you someone who believes in the therapeutic power of writing and journaling for holistic well-being?

Discover how the art of writing can guide you through challenging times and empower you to live well. Dive into my blog series, ‘Holistic Living: Nurturing Your Well-Being Inside and Out.’

Ready to explore the transformative journey of journaling for wellness? Join me in this immersive blog series, where we’ll unlock the secrets of nurturing well-being through the written word.

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