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Welcome! As multi-facuted creative, I help authors write, publish, and sell books while creating more moments of wellness. 

This Is My Story

How I Started My Author-Publisher Journey

During my seventh year of undergrad, I had an epiphany. Despite nearing graduation with a Mass Communication degree, I realized that Journalism wasn’t my true path. My dream was to be an author. Encouraged by my mentor, I spent two years as a copy editor at publishing houses, yet my book remained unwritten.

Later, as a survivor, I channeled my focus into advocating for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. In January 2018, I launched my own book publishing company alongside my mental wellness journey. Balancing business growth with personal healing has been challenging but incredibly rewarding, allowing me to intertwine both passions to make a meaningful impact.

Here's the secret:

If you’re struggling with reaching your readers… You probably need to define your target audience.

Here’s the scoop: If you’re having trouble connecting with your readers, it could be because you haven’t quite nailed down your target audience. Let’s dive into this together and figure it out.

Not satisfied with your author journey?

Craving more from your journey? Unhappy? Let’s revamp it for a more satisfying path.

Is your author journey falling short? Not happy with it? Revitalize your path to success.

Unsatisfied with your current author journey? Ready for change? You CAN change it and I can help you. 

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Thank you for your prompt communication and quick service! You hit my deadline even though you didn't have to. Your professionalism was worth the price.
- Teishash
Steller, was very informative every step of the way.
- Rhemly
Excellent service. Easy to work with. Very prompt and efficient...
- Blackgold786
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Want to create a genuine connection with your audience?

Learn how to define your target audience and connect them with your book and additional offerings with my 60 minute training! 

Discover the art of defining your target audience and connecting them with your book and other offerings through my 60-minute training session!