A New Chapter: Aligning Focus in Wellness and Entrepreneurship

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On the journey of personal wellness and entrepreneurial growth, I’ve reached a moment where everything seems to have fallen into place. Waking up today, I had this realization: this is the moment. It’s like reaching a chapter in a novel where the protagonist experiences a life-changing revelation.

My journey began with my focus split into two: 1. recovering from the scars of relationship trauma and 2. launching my own book publishing venture. Alongside these goals, I recognized the need for a large social media presence, which meant managing multiple accounts.

As a beginner, my view of both healing and entrepreneurship was tinted with optimism, seeing them through a lens of positivity and simplicity. However, the path has been rich with learning, peppered with numerous valuable lessons.

Starting With Social Media

What I’ve learned is that it is important to focus in social media management. To be consistent and impactful, I realized the need to streamline my efforts.

Reflecting on the past year, I believe a more concentrated focus would have made a difference. Hence, for the next year, I’m channeling my creative energy into platforms that synergize well, based on my previous experiences:

  • Instagram and Facebook
  • Blog and Pinterest
  • YouTube and Gumroad

To maintain consistency across Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, I plan to use scheduling tools like Later and Tailwind. For my blog and YouTube channel, I’ll use their in-built scheduling features.

My desire is to achieve routine content updates, focusing on regularity rather than daily posts.

So, that’s my strategy going forward.

This time, I’m not anchoring myself to specific targets. I’m more interested in integrating into this new framework and evolving from there. Stay tuned for updates along my journey, and I’ll be sure to share any changes or insights.

If this is your first time coming across my blog, welcome! Check out the first video that I’ve ever done on creating content as an author publisher here.

About Miss Winn

I’m the founder of Winn Publications, where my personal mission is to empower authors and readers from all backgrounds by providing a platform for diverse perspectives and stories. I believe in prioritizing holistic wellness and self-care to manage anxiety and stress and achieve our full potential. As an advocate in the publishing industry, I also challenge the status quo and promote messages of hope, resilience, and positive change. Check out some of the books I’ve published here!

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