This Is My Story

During my seventh year of undergrad, which was the year I was set to graduate with a degree in Mass Communication, I reached a pivotal moment. It was then that I realized pursuing a career in Journalism wasn’t the right path for me.

My dream was to become a full-time author, and my mentor, a professor, encouraged me to gain experience by working for a publisher before I pitched my book. I took their advice and worked as a copy editor for a couple of book publishers. However, I never got around to pitching my book, and it remained unwritten.

Eventually, I shifted my focus to advocating for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. As a survivor, speaking up for victims of trauma became something meaningful to me. In January of 2018, I took a bold step by launching my own book publishing company. Simultaneously, I began my journey toward mental wellness.

The road to growing my book publishing company while healing from trauma has been far from easy, but it has been profoundly rewarding. As time has passed, I’ve dedicated myself to self-improvement and the growth of my business. Both of which I have found a way to weave together and share with others. 

Work With Me

As the C.E.O. and Founder of Winn Publications, I support independent authors, helping them navigate the complex landscape of book publishing through services, distribution with Renaissance Reads, publishing and advertising opportunities with Renaissance Reads Literary Magazine and various other resources. 

I have also published several other books around the subject of building healthy relationships, including poetry books, a children’s coloring book, and works of fiction.

As a part of my belief in mental wellness and writing to heal, I have designed hard-cover affirmation journals to uplift and inspire writers. I also share my story as survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault and speak up for women who have also been victims of trauma. 

My achievements include: 

  • Publishing over 40 books at Winn Publications
  • Designing close to 75 books (paperback, ebooks, hardcover books)
  • Publishing 6 Amazon Best Sellers at Winn Publications
  • Authoring several books in the following genres: Author Resources, Children’s Books, Coloring Books, Poetry, Short Story, Healthy Relationships, Christian & Spiritual Reads
  • Hosting 5 pop up markets called “The Sunshine Handmade Market” in Southern California in 2021
  • Hosting multiple writing & publishing workshops virtually and in person 
  • Advocating for victims of trauma and speaking at multiple events regarding domestic violence and sexual assault and sharing my survivor story 
  • Founding Board Member of Simply Encourage Non-Profit Organization 

The Ideas That Inspires My Work

Professional Experience

I am passionate about my sharing writing and publishing insights and experiences with readers and writers, helping them navigate the complex world of book publishing.

Personal Experience

 I am also passionate about sharing my wellness journey, helping other women create more moments of wellness (healing) in their life. 


I am dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive community. I believe that building strong relationships is critical to success and that everyone deserves to feel heard and valued.


I am constantly seeking out new and innovative solutions to challenges and encouraging my audience to tap into their own creativity.