Leader | Author | Speaker

Mission: Lead by example

Leader. A word that applies to Arilia J. Winn in every facet of her life. Using the adversities she’s faced and overcome, to the role she plays in the independent book publishing community and communities everywhere, Miss Winn creates and shares her stories and knowledge to inspire and help others.

C.E.O. of  Winn Publications, Miss Winn serves both independent bookstores and independent authors. 

  • Author of 8 books
  • Teacher of 12 courses and printable resources
  • Designer of 27 hard-cover journals 

Arilia has created a way for herself to be fluid in the book publishing industry as a leader, author, publisher, designer, and speaker. 

Winn Publications

Winn Publications is a hybrid-publishing company that publishes and promotes leaders across multiple genres. The specialized departments that makeup Winn Publications include: W.E. Bookstore and Publisher , Gia Jeans Press, FortyFive8 Press Arising, Georgia Poe Lit and Sunshine Children’s Art & Literature.

signature topics

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Project Heal Her: Caring For Survivors of Trauma

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Sunshine Art and Literature - Recognizing Our Creative Children

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