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Welcome to “Authors, Enhance Your Skills,” a blog dedicated to connecting indie authors with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. As an author publisher, I am passionate about advocating for indie authors and fostering holistic wellness in our creative journeys. By bridging the gap between creative writing and the business aspects of authorship, it’s my goal to help you reach your full potential.

Author Enhance Your Skills, Here's How

In this blog, I will be sharing insights, hosting webinars, and offering group coaching sessions to support your growth as an author. Join me on this path of growth, and let’s elevate your skills together.

This summer Miss Winn is hosting a series of Webinars to help you, the Indie Author, enhance your skills. When you realize that writing a book and publishing are only a couple of components in the book publishing process, you might feel really overwhelmed. To be proactive, the best thing to do would be to learn about the other components. That is why every month from now until September Miss Winn will be sharing insights about branding, marketing and selling, leveraging your published book, and working on your mindset. All webinars are available on demand, all you have to do is register and it will be delivered straight to your inbox. 

Discover the key to taking your indie author platform to new heights with the recorded live webinar, “Branding Breakthrough: Elevate Your Indie Author Platform.” In this session, we explored the importance of establishing a strong brand as an indie author and went into strategies that will help you connect with your target audience effectively. Gain valuable insights into building your author platform and learn why watching this webinar first is crucial for maximizing the benefits of the subsequent sessions. Sign up now to watch the replay on demand and take the first step toward reaching your true potential.

Mark your calendars for June 15 at 7:30 PM EST because you won’t want to miss this upcoming webinar on marketing and selling. In this session, we dive into the essential strategies and techniques that will help you to effectively market and sell your book. Learn how to leverage your creative writing skills and align them with your target audience’s needs to create compelling content that drives sales. Building upon the knowledge gained in our Branding Breakthrough webinar, this session will equip you with the tools to thrive as an indie author in the competitive publishing landscape. 

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