Balancing Work And Family Life: Making Time For Your Kids

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Balancing work and family, as busy parents, can be difficult. It can be difficult to make time for our children. We often feel like we have to prioritize our work and other responsibilities, leaving less time for our families. However, it is important to remember that our children need us and that making time for them is essential for their growth and development. 

In the Winn household, my daughter and I are both Creatives so I look for and sometimes create opportunities for her and I to spend quality time together. 

Some tips and other information I found while wondering if balance was even realistic were so spot on that I thought I’d share. 

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Importance of Making Time for Children as Busy Parents

Children rely on their parents for emotional support and guidance, and spending quality time with them helps to create a strong bond that can last a lifetime. Additionally, it can help them learn important life lessons such as how to work together, solve problems, and respect each other.

Balancing Work Means Creating a Regular Schedule

Creating a regular schedule for yourself and your family can help keep you organized and ensure that you are making time for your children. Dedicating an hour each day to spend with your children is a great way to ensure that they are getting the attention they need. This time can be used for activities such as playing board games, going for a walk, or simply talking about their day. My daughter and I spend time together, painting or walking through the neighborhood.

Setting a Good Example

It is also important to make sure that you are setting a good example for your children by taking care of yourself. Taking a few minutes each day for yourself can help to reduce stress and give you the energy and patience needed to take care of your children.

As an entrepreneur, I think about this all the time. “Am I setting a good enough example for her?”  Of course, I am, at least that’s my goal. I want to make sure that I not only tell her what she should do but give her an example and allow her to get involved as well. We recently published a children’s coloring book together. Something she’s wanted to do for awhile now so we made it happen. 


Balancing work and family is important. Making time for your children, even as busy parents is essential for their growth and development. Taking the time to create a schedule and set aside time for yourself and your children can help ensure that your family is happy and healthy. By spending quality time with your children, you can create lasting memories and foster a strong bond that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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