Conquering Financial Challenges: Journeying Through Project 129

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Now half way through Project 129, the weight of the financial challenges I face becomes increasingly apparent. Running a publishing company as a solopreneur while being a single mother adds layers of complexity to my journey. The financial pressures and responsibilities weigh heavily on my shoulders, constantly reminding me of the uphill battle I must conquer. These challenges not only impact my business but also seep into my personal life. I strive to provide for my child. However, instead of succumbing to the overwhelming weight of these obstacles, I am determined to overcome them. They fuel my motivation to push forward, explore new opportunities, and find innovative solutions. It is through this relentless pursuit that I will rise above the financial challenges. I will carve a path to success in Project 129.

Navigating Financial Challenges: My Project 129 Journey

Today is July 3, and I just updated the status of my progress with Project 129. In short, I am $296,271 away from reaching my goal of generating $300,000 for my book publishing company, Winn Publications. To be honest I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. I sat around for a minute wondering if I should just quit all together. The stress of running a publishing company as a solopreneur and then being a single mother with my child at home all day, it weighs on me.

How I’m managing negative thoughts & financial stagnation

I’ve been doing good for the most part with managing these thoughts around throwing in the towel. I have been doing daily guided meditations that I wrote and recorded for myself. In the last week I landed two book design clients after not having much movement there since I got kicked off of Fiverr and my account disabled there. That made me feel good. There are some books in the publishing process and that’s cool, but as far as finances, it feels like not much has changed. I’m still on par to meet my annual average of $20K a year, and I am grateful, and I am concerned.

Overcoming Financial Challenges: Tapping into Additional Revenue Streams

Well, I have exactly 60 days left until September 1, my deadline for Project 129 and I am thinking: digital products. Over the last two months I’ve done a lot of reflecting about the book publishing process and how important it is that we authors market our books and brand ourselves. I’ve even come up with a service that customizes branding and marketing strategies for indie authors. I’ve made 10 different presentations and did my best to digest the information and it’s golden! I need to revisit mine and move forward from there, but this time more focused on selling the digital products that I have and using marketing to generate the sales.

Why digital products? Two words: Passive income. Haha! Ok but there’s that, then there is also this part of me that fully understands that marketing IS tough for us authors – us as in me included. And the digital product that I aim to sell is an instant-done-for-you version of the customized author branding and book marketing presentation I’ve shared with you since the end of April. It includes 70+ pages worth of valuable information. But I foresee that many authors, myself included, struggling with the implementation process.

I’m struggling with implementation

My issue is with being consistent with my marketing. Now that I know what to do, it’s doing it that is choking me out! While I am damn good at everything else when it comes to book publishing in this season, it’s the getting consistent with my marketing that is a task! And to be honest I am aware of my downfall. I am aware that my “need” for marketing with a set method is a challenge for me. I do see how it will help though, it’s just the implementation, making that transition, that is difficult for me. Yet, I aim to be the example of how you can get over that hump and move forward.

Conclusion and Action Plan

Moving forward, I am committed to taking specific actions to overcome these challenges and make significant progress towards my goal of generating $300,000.

  • I will tap into additional revenue streams, such as braiding hair on the weekends and actively seeking out funding opportunities. This diversification will provide me with a more stable financial foundation and alleviate some of the stress associated with running a publishing company mostly solo.
  • I recognize the importance of balancing my time better. While I have been working diligently, it’s crucial for me to establish a healthier work-life balance. By setting boundaries around my time with myself and allocating time for self-care and quality time with my child, I can maintain a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • I plan to leverage my knowledge of marketing and branding strategies to develop a more focused marketing plan for my digital products. With a clearer direction, I can effectively promote and sell these products to generate passive income. Although I acknowledge the challenge of consistency in marketing, I am determined to overcome it by implementing a set method and holding myself accountable.
  • I will celebrate small wins along the way. By acknowledging and appreciating even the smallest milestones, I can combat self-doubt and stay motivated to continue taking action. Recognizing progress, no matter how incremental, will reinforce my belief in my abilities and keep me on track towards achieving my ultimate goal.

As I move forward with Project 129, I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned. I am grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead. By following this action plan and maintaining a positive mindset, I am confident that I will overcome the challenges, reach my financial goal, and thrive both personally and professionally. With determination and resilience, I will make my publishing company, Winn Publications, a success.

About Miss Winn

Writing this blog and sharing my journey through Project 129 has been a deeply personal and challenging experience for me. Opening up about my financial struggles and the hurdles I face has never come easily to me. Talking about money has always been an uncomfortable topic, filled with a mix of shame, insecurity, and fear of judgment.

However, despite these difficulties, I have chosen to share my story because my purpose on social media is to inspire and support others. I firmly believe that by being vulnerable and transparent, we can create meaningful connections and provide solace to those who may be facing similar challenges.

It hasn’t been easy to put my struggles out in the open, knowing that my authors and readers may come across this blog. The fear of being seen as vulnerable and exposing myself to potential opportunists has lingered in my mind. But I refuse to let these fears hold me back from making a difference.

My journey through Project 129 is about more than just reaching a financial goal; it’s about resilience, determination, and growth. It’s about showing others that even in the face of overwhelming obstacles, we can find the strength to keep going.

I am here to support, inspire, and uplift fellow authors and entrepreneurs who may be navigating their own financial challenges. Together, we can create a community that celebrates both the victories and the struggles, knowing that we are not alone on this journey.

Thank you for joining me on this path of growth and empowerment.

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