Content Marketing Strategy Reveal: My Strategy Update

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At the beginning of the year I started out with a content marketing strategy and revealed it on YouTube.

However things quickly changed and that strategy no longer worked for me. The issue? Me. I wasn’t completely committed to it. I gave myself too many opportunities to try alternative methods. If I am being honest, most of my time was spent on researching and not implementing marketing strategies. It wasn’t until May or June 2023, that I finally got enough information that I felt comfortable implementing it. Not only that but my business had become bone dry as far as sells went and I had more money going out than coming in. I desperately needed to implement what I learned and so I did.

My Purpose For This Post

In this blog post I am going to reveal to you my new content marketing plan that I am committed to and motivated about. I am going to share with you where I’m posting, how many times a day I am posting, and my process.

My intention with sharing this is to inspire you. You don’t have to copy my strategy, but know that it is an option. You may also use it to become aware of how to piece together your own strategy. If you are not interested in any of that, consider downloading my Instant-Done-For-You Book Marketing and Author Branding Strategy here. As a Book Publisher I design strategies for my authors all the time. It helps me help them reach their target audience and sell their books.

Content Marketing Overview

My purpose for creating content on social media included wanting to drive traffic to my website. My website is my hub. It is where readers and authors can find everything about me as well as get accustomed to my writing. It is where I can express myself and keep my writing skills sharp. My website is also where I offer value. My career consists of writing, publishing, and selling books while creating more moments of wellness, therefore maintaining and updating my website is necessary.

Search Engine Optimization: Driving Traffic to My Website

What I learned at the beginning of the year was:

  • Google Analytics as well and how to use my metrics to inspire my actions
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • How my target audience (YOU) would find me
  • About keywords and structuring a blog and website
  • About a plugin to my website called YoastSEO and took off from there.

Then one day while I was scrolling on TikTok and I came across a Creator who was talking about how Pinterest was the best place for people to use to gain traffic.

They mentioned how Pinterest is one big SEO hub. How people who used Pinterest where looking for inspiration and “how to” content. I loved what I was hearing and immediately started throwing my blogs up on Pinterest. The results were amazing. Within one month I had gained 6K impressions after being in the hundreds prior. I had done this with no real strategy and then began to create a new content marketing strategy around Pinterest.

Pinterest is Primary

Initially YouTube was going to be my primary focus. YouTube is one of the best paying platforms and at the beginning of the year I was definitely chasing the bag. And what do they say about what happens when you chase money? You only run it away. Yup, that was my experience. I got stuck in the “learning” phase before hitting my rock bottom and not actually developing a profitable business. In order to recover I knew something had to change.

My first change was to market different. My next change was to add additional offerings and use my new content marketing strategy to roll out my new offers. So I started over and this time Pinterest was going to be the foundation from which I build on. I first got clear on my target audience and I got clear on what I wanted to talk about, from there I launched around 30 boards, before adding 74 more for a total of 104 boards at the time of this post.

The plan is to use the subject matter of my boards to guide the content I will create on my website/blog, TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. My Pinterest boards will also inspire digital content that I will create to sell and offer for a range of prices, from free to a premium price. Making this connection and commitment sparked a new level of excitement and I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

Blogging Compliments Pinterest

While I have 104 boards on Pinterest right now, they are grouped by Book Publishing, Journaling, Living Well, and Healing. You can look at my Pinterest and see how each board fits into one of these four categories. With these boards it’s my goal to now write at least 1 blog per board before the end of the year. If I were to start fresh and challenge myself to write 1 new blog per Pinterest Board before the end of the year then that is 104 new blogs in 99 days (today is Sept. 25, 2023). I think I can do it. Check back at the end of the year for a recap to see how this goes!

Besides that, it’s important for me to link specific pages and content to Pinterest because my purpose for social media, again, is to drive traffic to my website. So I will primarily be pinning my blog posts and all blog posts won’t be long or structured the same way. I will also be pinning my other content from the different platforms as well. Hence why, using my Pinterest boards to lead/inspire my content is so important.

Create 3 content pillars that you will focus on and branch out from there. You may already have 3 pillars and don’t realize it yet. Assuming that you are an author, think about the themes you’ve weaved throughout your book. How much more can you say about those themes? Can you come up with at least 3 main ideas and use those as your focal points for your content? I did, I am and it’s working. Try it and see what happens.

Pro Tip From Miss Winn

Facebook and Instagram are Secondary

At the beginning of the year, I had Instagram and Facebook at the end which really was crazy. It was crazy because not only were these platforms low priority, but I wanted to post the most on these platforms. My initial goal was to post 5 times a day everyday for the year. I haven’t even gotten close to reaching that goal. My new goal is to to post 3 times a day everyday and that includes at least 1 video that will be shared to Tik Tok as as well. While I know what I am doing on those two platforms, they continue to be some of my biggest lead generators and I feel like honoring my audience there IS important. Therefore they deserve a higher priority than the last two platforms.

Not only that but my personal profile on Facebook has been eligible for monetization! I was invited to turn on “Professional Mode” and create content on Facebook and potentially get paid for engagement. So while Facebook was actually the lowest out of all the platforms mentioned here, the little that I was doing paid off and I have bumped them up.

TikTok and YouTube Are Last But Not Least

Funny right? When I first started YouTube was my main priority and Tik Tok was second. That is because I was chasing the bag! I was consuming so much content on creating a YouTube channel. I even took several paid courses. The issue was that I didn’t have a clear view of who my target audience was and what kind of content I would create for them. Yes, I had ideas, but the scripting was kicking my butt. It wasn’t until I got clear on who my target audience was that everything else fell into place for me.

I created my target audience by using a mix of historical data with what I desired. And turns out that the majority of my clients are women. In fact, I had the same percentage of women working with me as Pinterest does. So of course it made sense for me to put YouTube on the end.

MIss Winn on Target Audiences

My goal for YouTube is still the same: 1,000 followers and 4,000 watch hours. Really my goal is to be able to monetize my YouTube platform. I want YouTube to cash me out for my content. Same thing goes for TikTok. I want TikTok to cash me out for my content.

Also, at the beginning of the year, my goal for Tik Tok was to have 1,000 followers and I have surpassed that and before December 31! My focus now is to receive my first check from TikTok and YouTube. Haha! This time not focused on chasing the bag, but confidently attracting it by providing value to my audience.

What’s My Content Creation Workflow Routine?

In the past I tried breaking it up and on Monday’s scripting, Wednesday’s editing, and Thursday’s editing and scheduling for a Monday release. That didn’t work. It didn’t work because I didn’t commit to it and because I was so bored with this process. Most of the time I wanted to create and schedule the content to post that same day or that same week so I began to batch create content per platform per day.

Here’s what my content marketing schedule looks like now:

  • Monday – Website, Pinterest, Blog
  • Tuesday – Facebook & Instagram
  • Wednesday- Tik Tok
  • Thursday- Course Creation
  • Friday- YouTube
  • Saturday – Repost this week’s content to Pinterest (FB, IG, Tik Tok, Courses, YouTube)

I focus on one platform each day with the intention to create enough content for the week for that platform like this:

  • For Pinterest it is my goal to post 21 times a week. That includes 7 links to specific blogs and repost 14 pieces of content from my other platforms.
  • For the blog I intend to write 7 blogs and schedule them to post once a day.
  • For Facebook and Instagram it is my goal to post 21 times a week and that includes 7 reels that will be repurposed for TikTok and whenever they fit, YouTube shorts.
  • For TikTok it is my goal to post 7 times a week, or once a day.
  • For YouTube it is my goal to post 1 time every week.

I hope this is making sense to you. You see, because Pinterest guides my content, I start the top of the week with that. Pinterest helps me determine what else I will post on my other platforms. This helps me to stay cohesive and on brand.

So yes, everyday I am working on content and I am going through the whole process per platform per day.

BONUS: I Manage Other Brand’s Content Marketing

Did you know that I not only create content for Miss Winn, but I also create content for Winn Publications, Renaissance Reads Online Bookstore, Renaissance Reads Literary Magazine, and Thoughts Manifest Reality? Yes! Yes I do. This is why it was so important to find a strategy that worked for me. I felt like I had a good understanding of Pinterest and could use that as my base and build from there. Each of those brands don’t have as much content as Miss Winn right now. My goal is to grow Miss Winn first so that I am able to grow the other brands and hire help.

I am the type of person who needs to first understand what I am hiring for before I hire. I like to be “in the know” so that I don’t get scammed. The person/people who I hire in the future will have to come in knowing more than me. They will have to come in and be able to take my brands up a notch. But for now, it’s just me. Grinding. Keeping my head down. Focused on amplifying my message and the messages of those who I work with. It’s a large job, but with this organized strategy I believe I can do it.

Watch my beginning of the year strategy for more:

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