Book me and I'll teach you step-by-step everything I've learned on how to write and publish an ebook to bring in more income.

Are you ready to make an impact and income sharing your services, story, AND generate leads with an ebook?

 Some time ago I made an ebook for a real estate agent who saw a return on the investment she made with me BEFORE her ebook was even out. 

She called me on a Thursday and wanted her book out by the weekend. 

It was hard. The revisions took time, but we were both determined and committed. 

So when she told me that she had made her money back and more by that Monday, I was excited about what that meant for the future. 

BUT, life happened and I buried this gift until lately. 

I was sleeping on my own good for a long time. 

I didn’t know I had the skills to bring in more income for my family. 

Then I met another entrepreneur who talked about how she made a $1 million from her ebook sales. 

I woke right up! I know how to make ebooks, I thought.

Two things came to mind: I need an ebook, and I need to offer this service to more people so that we could make an impact and increase our income together. 

If these two entrepreneurs can do it, so can we. I’ll show you how.  

Don't Miss Out!

Allow me to write your book and design it. You keep 100% profits! 

Quick and easy steps for creating your ebook. Here's what you get...

Up to 5 Zoom - Mentoring Sessions

$5,967 Value

Product Page/Publishing Assistance

$2,997 Value


$1,200 Value


$597 Value

Book Cover Design

$397 Valie

Book Interior Design

$397 Value

Links to your website/social media

$47 Value

About the author/writer page

$47 Value

Call to action page*

$197 Value

Clickable Table of Contents

$197 Value

Opportunity To Become An Affiliate

$2,997 Value

Fillable Forms*

$197 Value

3 Promo/Marketing Images

$464 Value

Up to 20 pages

$997 Value

PDF File

$397 Value

Total Bundle Value:


If you ONLY got the 5 Zoom Mentoring Sessions in this offer... it'd be worth it. Each item in this services are what helped bring more income to entrepreneurs globally and especially during the pandemic.

I am basically giving away the farm to you because I care THAT much about your success.

4 Payments



Single Payment


One Time Payment

Do you need more information?
No problem! Ask me anything

One time payment of $720 USD or three payments of $300 USD. Entreprepreneurs are making millions of dollars from selling ebooks every year. Valued at $1M USD.

  • Ghostwriting
  • Editing 
  • Book cover design
  • Book  interior design
  • Links to your websites/ social media
  • About the author page
  • Call to action page
  • Clickable Table of contents
  • Fillable forms (if needed)
  • Publishing assistance 
  • 3 Promo images 
  • 15-20 pages 
  • 1-3 Zoom meetings (if needed)
  • PDF file
  • Opportunity to become an affiliate when you send Miss Winn referrals who book this service 

Valued at $1M USD in 12 months for $720 USD TODAY!! 

Yes! You are not required to be a great writer. That’s my job. I just need a moment of your time to make sure that I am getting your vision clear. We will meet 1 to 3 times to make sure that what I am writing and have written meets your satisfaction and is publish ready. 

Yes, I will provide you with an email address and or phone number where you can send all notes, voice notes, powerpoints, and any other content to help me help you put together your ebook.  

Entrepreneurs on all levels: 

Health and fitness


Real Estate 

Coaches of all kinds 

Hair & beauty

Handmade items 


Chefs / Bakers


and anyone who has a message that they want to share and sell to their customers/clients. 

Yes, I have an affiliate program that gives 7% commission with opportunities to receive free services in the future! No, you do not have to book this service to participate in this program. Email for more information. 

Depending on the timeliness of our responses it could take as little as 48 hours til you see a finished product up to 4 days if not more. A huge part of this venture depends on your availability. Do you have 2 hours that you can free up one time to make you $1M USD? How fast can you book your discovery call? 

I recommend you share your book on: 


Email list 



Anywhere that you can upload an pdf to, and collect payment, you should share your ebook there. We go over how to do this after the initial payment is made. 

Join the movement! Hundreds of entrepreneurs have became millionares in the last year from selling digital products. You could be next, let me help you today!

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