- Arilia Winn

Iconic publisher, author, and business owner Arilia Winn centers each day on creating waves of postive impact. Im 2014, she founded Christian Single Mama, now in 2020 serves a place for single mothers who love the Lord and to write books, as well as find inspiration and comfort through her testimony. 

In 2017, Arilia started Rue Jean’s Stationery (renamed W.E. Bookstore)  in order to address the part of her that longed for a creative outlet. With a love for prints, notebooks and mugs, she began to design them. Later that year she put this dream on hold only to revive it in 2020. This time offering  products with scriptures and affirmations to encourage others.  In 2018, she launched Winn Publications after she published her first book, a devotional for Christian Single Mamas. 

There is so much more to Arilia than the eyes can see.  Like the smile that she wears, her story is big and bright and looks nothing like what she went through, and for that she gives God all of the glory and praise. 

Journey with us through articles, videos, personal vignettes, and other artifacts of a life  being well lived as we dive deep into the living legacy of one of the world’s great difference makers. Each section of this website uncovers yet another aspect of what Arilia has given our world, revealing that the real gift lies in how she has lived her life and the example she has set for us to follow.