How reflecting on the past helped me begin to finish writing a book

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As someone who has found a community among other Creatives who also desire to make an impact in the world with their gifts and talents, I understand art.
Art that is written, spoken, designed, or painted, was done so beautifully, in layers and in drafts and the final product, while it may not be perfect, it’s done because there’s nothing else that needed to be changed or could be changed. 
However, if I am being honest, I’ve been in a season where change is desired and therefore change happened and is happening. 

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How I got started finishing a book I've been writing

I started on this path to finish a book I’ve been writing by looking at my reality and preferring its contrast. By looking at my roots and intentionally making personal growth my focus and my foundation. 
Based on previous experiences, I was sure that once I got clear on the bigger picture of what I desired out of life, that everything else in my life would flow better and I would continue to write and to grow personally and in my career. 
So I had to start there. I had to ask myself: what does the bigger picture look like and what is it made up of? 
In reflecting, for me, the bigger picture showed me something that looked like purpose. 
My purpose is made up of a tall and wide forest called storytelling, which is connected to my career of book publishing and book selling. 

How did I know that this was my purpose?

Well, it came with my name and I after I graduated high school I just decided to go with it. 


No my mom did not know that I would go on to choose a career in book publishing. Her story for how she came up with my name is that some lady in Ross told her she was having a girl and that she should name her Arilia so she did, and my name means messenger of God. And with a Saint of a mother, and a Christian background, I developed a taste and a desire for obtaining more esoteric knowledge. 
I decided that my life purpose was to share my life because most people don’t read their or any religious or spiritual texts anyways. But they read the newspaper. 
So I pursued a degree in journalism and enjoyed using Adobe Indesign to design the college paper, but I didn’t love news writing because of the structure. I felt too creative for the inverted pyramid. (Journalism students you know exactly what I’m talking about.)  
At my core, I’m a storyteller who loves fiction and self-help books. I love books that entertain me lightly but ultimately introduce me to characters who increase my knowledge about something. I love books that provoke emotions and truly have me hooked. As an author-publisher, I write and publish books of this sort. 
But to continue with the story, 
After college I decided that I would try book writing and would get into it by working for a small publisher as an editor. Hoping she would publish a book, I wrote, and have since published a piece of, and am now rewriting and finishing at a small publishing company that I own and operate. 

Reflecting on the past to move forward

Looking back to the beginning of my author-publisher journey, I feel that it has been something that is more by way of supernatural forces than it is intentional. Yes, my career is and has been been my choice, but I believe that there was some divine timing and guidance in place.
I’ve been able to sort of “bring Heaven down to earth” apply some of the biblical, spiritual, and esoteric knowledge and grow personally and in business. 
Over the years I’ve had my ups and downs but overall it’s been and is really exciting. 
Moving forward now and sharing what’s important to me and sharing my purpose I hope that you find something that serves you.
The lesson I learned from the past was: Decide. Start growing wherever you want to,and just keep going. Zoom out and look at the bigger picture to see where something might not be flowing right. Consider my first loves and reflect on how I feel about them before taking action again. 
I’m grateful and excited to be taking action again. 

The book I'm finishing is this one

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