As the founder and driving force behind Hybrid-Book Publishing Company Winn Publications, "Miss Winn" has established a vibrant culture that centers on Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

Through my commitment to empowering individuals, promoting social justice, and prioritizing holistic wellness, I unite communities in a shared sense of purpose and direction. My culture shapes the story of who I am and the values and practices that support my mission reflect my vision for a more equitable and compassionate world. As I continue to push boundaries and challenge the status quo, I strive to be recognized as a leading authority in the book publishing industry, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change and inspiration for future generations.

Mission Statement

As the founder and driving force behind Winn Publications, my personal mission is to empower authors and readers from all walks of life by providing a platform to share diverse perspectives and stories. I am committed to working with independent authors who share my passion for creating meaningful and impactful content, regardless of their background or identity. As an independent publisher, I prioritize merit-based publishing and offer authors the resources and support they need to achieve their goals. I believe that everyone has the power to unleash their full potential and succeed at any purpose they put their minds to. By helping authors share their messages of hope and resilience with the world, I strive to be a catalyst for positive change and advocate for social justice, equity, and inclusion. Additionally, I prioritize holistic wellness and self-care, recognizing the importance of prioritizing physical, emotional, and spiritual health. As a thought leader and innovator in the publishing industry, I constantly push boundaries and challenge the status quo, ensuring that my personal mission remains at the forefront of everything I do.

Vision Statements

  • To create a world where diverse perspectives are celebrated and individuals are empowered to live their most authentic lives.
  • To provide a platform for independent authors to share their unique stories and experiences, creating a community of connection and understanding.
  • To promote social justice, equity, and inclusion, and to create a global community of individuals who are passionate about creating positive change in the world.
  • To be a thought leader and innovator in the publishing industry, inspiring and empowering others to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and make a meaningful impact on the world.
  • To leave a lasting legacy of positive change and inspiration, inspiring future generations to continue the work and create an even brighter future.

Core Values

The Values That Support My Statements

Creativity: I value creativity and embrace innovation to bring fresh and unique ideas to the table. I see creativity as a key driver for growth and success and actively seeks out new and innovative solutions to challenges.

Community: I value building and nurturing strong relationships within my community. I understand that relationships are critical to building a strong personal brand, and I seek to create a community that is supportive, collaborative, and inclusive.

Growth: I value continuous learning and personal growth, both personally and professionally. I am committed to pushing myself to new heights, taking on challenges, and learning from my experiences.

Inclusivity: I value creating a diverse and inclusive community where everyone feels welcome and heard. I understand that diversity is a strength, and I aim to create a safe and inclusive space where everyone can thrive.