Saving Money with the Penny Challenge: A Guide for Authors

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One of the things that my daughter and I have started doing is learning about saving money. This Christmas instead of buying gifts, I intend to go on a vacation. Therefore the next 3 months we will be saving at least $670 to take this vacation. How are doing this and what does this have to do with publishing books?

We are doing this using the Penny Challenge, a savings challenge for people who are just getting into saving money. Below is a copy of the penny challenge template and how much we’ve saved so far. We started this challenge on Oct. 1. The goal is to have all of these boxes filled in by Oct. 31. Our daily goal is to cross out 10 of these boxes. You can use any search engine to find a free template for the Penny Challenge.

This is a perfect model for authors who claim that they don’t have money to publish their books. Well if you could follow this plan and get aggressive with it and cross off 10 of these boxes a day for 30 days, you will have saved about $670. If you do that for 6 months you will have more than enough to submit your work for publishing with Winn Publications.

Don’t wait, today is a good day to get started with this challenge. Also, check back in at the end of the month for an update on how my daughter and I are doing with our savings.

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