Identical Strangers By Cleve Bush


“Identical Strangers” is a novel written about two sisters who were displaced at birth due to a military mother meeting her premature demise. Fatimah and Khadijah Dupree both shared the maternal legacy that normal children would have lived to be proud of; however the misfortune of losing their mother and the only family they had, instead turned them into hardened hearts Assassins.

Separated by the Department of Child Welfare Services to men sworn to uphold and protect our Country, who instead demonized and programmed them to carry out atrocious acts against any members of the armed services who could expose their secrets, the twins were losing all hope of being reunited with time. Miscalculating the pull of human polarity, all those involved would witness two halves of one whole (sisters pulled apart by evil intents) brought back together by destiny, luck, and higher power malicious sense of humor. The ultimate question is will the bond be stronger and the anger run deeper?