In The Beginning By Arilia J. Winn


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Author and publisher Arilia J. Winn shares her first-ever published short story, “In the Beginning”.  A story about Paula, a college student who struggles with navigating her emotions, her relationships, and her faith.

After having her virginity taken from her by her boyfriend, Paula dives into a life of promiscuity until she meets Alexander. A charming younger guy who woos her before eventually abusing her and launching her into a downward spiral.

This short story is sure to blow your mind and give you insight on issues that no one likes to talk about: sexual assault, domestic violence, and the dangers of misinterpreted religious theology.

Experiencing and studying about each of these issues, Miss Winn warns readers of the gruesome graphic details and language.

In the Beginning, is compiled of descriptive prose and a dash of poetry. It is sure to leave readers wanting to know more. It will leave the readers wanting to know how will Paula get through it all?

In the Beginning, is a short story inspired by the author’s real-life experiences. Any details or descriptions of the characters that seem to mimic real people are simply coincidental. It is accurately categorized as fiction due to the added entertainment qualities of the book.