Mrs. Fox Teaches Kindness: A Friendship Coloring Book For Young Creatives By Gia Winn


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Ms. Fox Teaches Kindness! is a friendship coloring book for young creatives. Co-created by daughter and mom, author, and artist Gia Winn and Arilia Winn, this coloring book features a fun and wise fox and her bunny rabbit students. Kids ages 5 and up will love coloring this fun, inspirational book.

Expressing kindness to our friends through respect and care is the focal point of this coloring book. But it’s also a perfect gift for anyone who loves furry animals!

Over the last 3 years in elementary school, Gia Winn has received the kindness award while sharpening her skills in art. She’s learned that even at 8 years old she can inspire her peers to be kind and use their creative skills to bring a smile to others and to express themselves.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 42 pages of kindness and friendship symbols
  • A short story in the first few pages, followed by designs on one part and inspirational quotes on the other
  • Super fun artwork to color for kids ages.5 and up, including foxes, bunnies, deer, birds, and flowers