The Self Publishing Roadmap – The Complete Guide To Publishing Freedom Through Creative Writing, Marketing, And Selling Books In The USA


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  • WHAT’S NEXT AFTER COMPLETING YOUR MANUSCRIPT: Remember, or ask yourself, “What is the purpose of this book? What are the messages that I want to get across to my readers? And do I want to make money from it? The answers to these three questions will be our guide.
  • EXPLORING FUNDING OPTIONS: Get yourself in a position to raise capital for your book publishing project instead of cheaply doing everything yourself. It’s okay to admit that your strength is in writing and not that other stuff. Therefore, coming up with a financial plan at the beginning is important.
  • BUYING, MARKETING, SELLING: There are steps in the publishing process that you might want to outsource. We’ll go over what some of those might be and what platforms you can use to search for professionals and agencies. We’ll also look at how marketing and selling are the same coins, just different sides.
  • AUTHOR EVENTS – VIRTUAL & IN-PERSON: Making time to check in with your readers is important for all independent authors and authors who work with a Hybrid-Publisher. Getting in front of communities to share the message/s found in your book is going to help you reach your bottom line but most importantly it will help you make an impact on other people’s lives.
  • PROTECTING YOUR BOOK: Every author should copy-right their work, request a library of congress catalog number, purchase an ISBN and barcode and fully own their manuscript. If you are self-publishing and not working with a publisher, this section of the book is for you. There are some things you should be aware of to fully put your book in a position to compete and compare with other books in the same genre/category.

This is the complete and organized instruction manual and textbook that takes you from A to Z in self-publishing using the proven formulas that reliably create results, and the results are all the matter.  I’ve worked with hundreds of authors and those who used these formulas have seen huge success.

Warning: This is not motivational fluff. This is the textbook on running a fulfilling self-publishing journey.

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