Project 129: How We're Making $300,000 in 129 Days

By Arilia Winn, Updated May 3, 2023, comeback next month for an update! 

Today is Day 9, of the Project 129 Challenge, where I and so many others are challenging ourselves to make X amount of dollars in 129 days. I was so inspired when I saw all of the social media posts about it so I joined in.

Business Goals: Making $300,000 in 129 Days

As an author-publisher and CEO of Winn Publications, I’m always looking for new ways to grow my business and generate more revenue. So this challenge was an easy YES! My goal is to earn $300,000 in 129 days through a marketing funnel that promotes my services and products.

Personal Growth: Focusing on Body, Mind, and Spirit

However, Project 129 isn’t just about my business success. It’s also about personal growth and finding harmony in all areas of my life. That’s why I’m focusing on my body, mind, and spirit as I work towards my goal.

Marketing Strategy: Using a Funnel to Promote Services and Products

On the business side, I’m using a marketing funnel to promote my services and products, including ebooks that I’ll be selling as a complete version of what I share for free over time. I’m also tracking my sales targets and progress toward my revenue goal using QuickBooks and a spreadsheet that I update daily.

But I know that success isn’t just about the numbers. That’s why I’m also taking care of myself on a personal level. I’m being disciplined with my time during the week, resting on the weekends, and practicing gratitude and prayer to keep my spirit strong.

Think and Grow Rich: Applying Napoleon Hill’s Six Steps

In fact, I’ve been reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and using his six steps to achieve my goals. These steps include defining my goal, creating a plan of action, surrounding myself with positive influences, and taking daily action toward my goal daily.

Through Project 129, I’m not only striving for business success but also for personal harmony and growth. I believe that by taking care of myself and staying focused on my goal, I can achieve both.

Sharing the Journey: Overcoming Shame and Guilt Around Money

As part of Project 129, I’ve committed to sharing my journey with you daily, including my wins and challenges, and sharing my financial success monthly. It’s not always easy for me to talk about money, as I’ve struggled with guilt and shame around it in the past. As a single mother healing from traumatic experiences, I didn’t want to be seen as a charity case or someone to be avoided. But I’ve come to realize that these beliefs were holding me back from achieving my potential.

Through shadow work journaling and facing my fears, I’ve started to shift my mindset and embrace abundance. One way I’m doing this is by sharing my monthly revenue with you, as well as offering opportunities for you to contribute to the mission. I want to be clear that these contributions aren’t padding my pockets but are instead helping to support the authors and creators I work with.

Supporting Authors: Catalog and Annual Goals

I currently have 40 books in my catalog, each with a message that deserves to be heard. By increasing our visibility and impact, we can help these messages reach more people and create positive change in the world. This is what motivates me to push past my own limiting beliefs and strive for success.

I invite you to join me on this journey, whether as a supporter or a fellow entrepreneur. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future for ourselves and those around us.

Project 129 - Progress Report: Quick Facts and Current Status

Time Schedule 

  • Deadline: September 1, 2023
  • Days of rest: 34 
  • Days of work: 87

Project 129 Revenue Goal

The goal for the next 4 months is $300,000, which is $75,000 a month, come back next month to see how we stack up.

  • May Revenue: TBA
  • June Revenue: TBA
  • July Revenue: TBA
  • Aug Revenue: TBA

Where Winn Publications Currently Stands 

  • Number of books formatted this year for self-publishing authors: 16
  • Number of authors in the publishing process: 8
  • Number of authors who have utilized author guides to enhance their skills: 7
  • Number of Winn Publications readers this year: 145 

Winn Publications Annual Goals 

  • Annual goal for the number of books formatted for self-publishing authors: 50
  • Annual goal for the number of publishing authors: 35
  • Annual goal for the who have utilized author guides to enhance their skills: 168
  • Annual goal for the number of readers this year: 920

Fulfilling Winn Publication’s Mission Means

  • Formatting at least 34 more books for self-publishing authors 
  • Publishing at least 27 more authors 
  • Connecting with at least  161 more authors who will benefit from utilizing author guides to enhance their skills 
  • Connecting with at least  775 more readers this year 

Reflections on Project 129 Challenge and Business Goals

Committing to the Project 129 Challenge was an easy decision for me because it aligns with my overall business goals and personal growth aspirations. As someone responsible for uplifting others in the book publishing industry, achieving this goal is not just about me, but also about fulfilling Winn Publication’s mission. While I recognize the important role I play in the challenge’s success, I am committed to being at peace and in harmony with my mind, body, and spirit, and using the valuable advice presented in “Think and Grow Rich.” I believe this pursuit is well worth the effort. 

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