U- uplift
p- Protect

Survivors of domestic violence and sexual Assault

I lost my virginity from Rape by a man I met at church

Here's My Survivor Story

How’s that headline for an attention grabber? It’s sad and unfortunate, but true. Not only for me for countless other women all around the world.  And because of this experience and a series of other traumatic events, I now advocate for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. With a background in Marriage and Family Therapy, I have been sharing about this pandemic since I got out of my first abusive relationship in 2011/2012. 

Now that those storms are about 5 years behind me, and  I am doing well with my publishing business, I am ready to speak up for a population of people that often aren’t believed and go under protected; survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

In the Beginning, a short story, while fiction, is inspired by my real life experiences. Snag a copy today!  

Uplift is to raise something upwards, or to buoy someone mentally, spiritually or emotionally. When you tilt someone's chin up and force them to raise their head, this is an example of when you uplift. ... To raise something or someone to a higher physical, social, moral, intellectual, spiritual or emotional level.

Uplift survivors by helping them tell their survivor story.

Protect Her

In a short video, Miss Winn talks about her experience with domestic violence and sexual assault and about the importance of safety for survivors.