Re-Engaging With Social Media: My Journey of Content Creation

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For a while now, I’ve been on a mission to find my sweet spot when it comes to re-engaging with social media consistently and frequently. It’s been a process of testing my own capabilities and understanding how much I can realistically handle on my own. Lately, I’ve realized that I’ve been overestimating what I can do, leading to some frustration and burnout.

Over the past ten years, I’ve gained extensive knowledge about marketing in the book publishing industry. However, I’ve found that even the most valuable insights can feel mundane if they aren’t coupled with activities I genuinely enjoy. Recently, I hit a rut where posting content felt more like a chore than a passion. Despite this, I kept at it because I knew it was necessary.

After some reflection, I realized that what I needed was a new perspective. That’s when I decided to pivot towards creating videos. The idea of faceless accounts crossed my mind, especially on days when I didn’t feel like being seen. However, I quickly discarded this idea. When I launched Winn Publications, I was determined to work hard until my responsibilities shifted from being broad to more focused. Being the face of the company is a crucial part of that journey, so it didn’t make sense to hide now or start a new account that didn’t feature me.

Embracing what I know about video creation has been refreshing. My current challenge is deciding whether to stick with live streams or switch to pre-recorded videos. Both have their pros and cons, and I’m still weighing my options.

In the meantime, I invite you to begin re-engaging with me and join me live on my social media platforms. I’ll be going live every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3 PM EST to discuss the business of book publishing and offer valuable insights for authors. I hope to see you there and engage with you in real-time!

Stay tuned and join me on this exciting journey of rediscovery and growth. Your support and feedback mean the world to me as I navigate this path.

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