Refreshing My Book Publishing Journey as an Author

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Just days leading up to the moment that I decided to commit to finishing In The Beginning, a book I started writing a decade ago, I won a “Masterclass” guest pass giveaway by The Story Monster whose podcast I was on some time ago. I spent a minute or two talking to him about what I’d use the free trial for and initially I thought marketing. However, I wasn’t excited about marketing.

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Oversaturated with Marketing advice and dissatisfied with book publishing

I had already been studying marketing and felt oversaturated with the knowledge and just needed to put it to use. So I logged into Masterclass for the second time and noticed that when I first signed in I randomly selected a few classes to get through their set up. One of the classes was taught by Walter Mosley and it addressed fiction storytelling! The excitement that I felt immediately let me know that I was to watch that one. That plus a conversation with a friend about being unsatisfied with some things that I was experiencing as an author-publisher led me to begin working on this book again. 

After years of stopping and starting, reading, and rewriting, it was time. I had put in a lot of hours towards other people author’s journeys which were rewarding but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more from them and for them ( do you see where this going?) 

It was time to focus on me and my author journey

That conversation about how this feeling of dissatisfaction showed me that this feeling was more about me than it was about the people I serve. I wasn’t happy with my own journey and needed to take responsibility. I needed to write my own fiction novel and take it through the publishing process and really level up as the leader that I knew I’d always been. I strive to lead by example therefore I had to successfully write and publish a book that would go on to be a best seller. I am responsible for putting myself and my book publishing company on the map. I had to stop looking outward for a savior and look inward because truly, no one was coming to save me. No one was going to finish that book for me so there I was, sitting with these truths. It was time. 

It was time for me to use everything that I had been teaching in my courses, to use my own templates, and amp up my own author journey. It was time for me to reach the level of success that I desired and then turn around and show other authors the way. But first I needed a refresher. 

The Masterclass was the refreshment I needed

The Walter Mosley class which is only two and a half hours long took me a couple of days to finish but it was so rich. It was exactly what I needed to get some momentum going. It served as a confirmation that I in fact knew what I was doing when it came to storytelling. It made me feel really good about starting this book publishing journey as an author again. 

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