About Renaissance Reads Literary Magazine

The “Write” and “Publish” part of “I help authors write, publish, and sell books while creating more moments of wellness.”

Spotlighting Indie Authors and Their Stories

Renaissance Reads Literary Magazine is a vibrant platform dedicated to indie authors and their shorter, unpublished works. My passion lies in showcasing the diversity and creativity of contemporary literature, from stirring poetry to captivating short stories.

A Community of Writers and Readers

Whether you’re an indie author, an aspiring writer, or a literary enthusiast, you’ve found your community here. My audience spans all ages, united by a love for contemporary literary scenes and the excitement of discovering new voices.

Global Readership, Local Voices

While primarily an online magazine, I aspire to attract a global readership. I’m especially excited to eventually reach non-English speaking audiences with translated works, bringing diverse literary expressions to a wider audience.

Championing Indie Literature

I understand the struggles indie authors face in finding platforms that showcase their work. My magazine is a beacon for those seeking exposure and networking opportunities within the literary community.

Interactivity and Accessibility

My focus is on creating an accessible, engaging platform. Features like author interviews and the opportunity for writers to purchase ad space for promoting their work are at the core of my magazine’s mission.

Join Our Literary Adventure

I’m on a journey to reach 10,000 Instagram followers before launching a print version of the magazine. Join me in building this online community where we can share, engage, and grow together. Through social media engagement, virtual literary events, and collaborations, we’re creating a space that celebrates and elevates indie authors.