"I have a passion for publishing beautiful books with and for my friends. " - Miss Winn


Business to Business

Are you someone who works in the publishing industry? Are you a nonprofit or school? Is your beat books? Are you apart of the book world in some way? If you said yes to any of these questions, let’s win together! 

Email: winnpublications@gmail.com


Do you want to go over a business idea, talk about website design, or go over your book that you will be self-publishing? Schedule a time and let’s go over it. 

Manuscript Editing

$8 per 1K words

Do you mean “you’re” and you keep typing “your”? Do you keep using the same words over and over again? I’ll point those things out and help you find a solution.

Interior Book Design - For Paperback and Hardcover

The inside of your book is just as important as the outside. Let me help you make sure they both look professional.



The biggest excuse that people use is  “I have not published my book because I’m not that great of a writer.” Well, when you work with a ghostwriter you don’t have to be excellent at writing, I got that part covered. 

Book Cover Design


It’s incredibly important that your book cover is both sleek and professionally designed. This is critical especially if you’d like to get your book into retail bookstores.

Desired Publishing Experience

Download printable flier (coming soon)

$800 - $3,600

Offering authors three different options to publish their book. 

( coming soon )