Indie Author | Self-Published Author Marketing Group

One the biggest issues that self-published authors have is with their marketing. I have a marketing strategy that I want to share with you after being a publisher at Winn Publications LLC for almost 4 years.  Memebers of this FREE Facebook Group will recieve tons of knowledge and additional benefits! 

Book Design/Formatting

I have designed over 30 books in the last 3 years. I have experience in Indesign,  Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes and Noble Press, and Ingram Spark. Get your project to me today and I will have it back to you for review in 24 hours! 

Sell your book, reach your readers

Sell your books on W.E. Bookstore Online’s eCommerce website. Whether we stock your books and count your items with our inventory or you decide to advertise your book on our site, we provide indie authors with another retail market to sell their books and reach their readers. 

Publish your book with Miss Winn

Maybe you are more interested in the writing process and not so much anything else. Don’t worry about it. Submit your inquiry to to get the process of having your book published by Winn Publications LLC. 

Train to Improve Your Skills as an Author

For my author friends who are dedicated to self-publishing their work, I train you to improve your skills and increase your level of professionalism. Focusing on areas like author marketing, author sales, branding as an author, and some of the in-between. Training with me not only guarantees that your next book will be your best book, but you may even decide that you would rather go a different route and work with me as your publisher.