Like A Publisher – Facebook Group for Self-Publishers

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Get access to Miss Winn’s training videos, ebook downloads, templates, tricks, and tools on how to become better at author branding, author sales, and author marketing every week. We believe that there’s a better way to brand yourself as an author and that’s to work like a publisher! This group was designed to polish up your author brand/sales/marketing to sell more books.

Most authors understand the importance of branding, sales, and marketing- but there’s a huge problem:

  • They’re doing the wrong things at the wrong time
  • Suddenly they’re stuck with a bunch of followers or opportunities and no readers
  • They become frustrated and overwhelmed by watching other authors make six figures selling books in the same genre

Sounds familiar? Become a member!

* For those interested in specific information in regards to author marketing, author branding, and author sales. Visit the bookstore and look around. New ebooks loaded weekly!


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