The Six Steps to Self-Publishing: A Guide for Authors

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For the next 7 weeks, I will be teaching from my book The Six Steps To Self-Publishing: A Book Publishing Process (ebook).

This book is on sale for 99 cents now till July 16 at 9 AM Central!

I will be going over the 6 steps for newbie authors and seasoned authors.

The purpose is to give you insight into the book publishing process and to show you where you may have holes that need repairing.

The Six Steps To Self-Publishing: A Book Publishing Process consists of the following steps:


Creating Goals

Building a team

Promoting the book

Pre- Sales and then launching the book

It’s pretty self-explanatory that yes, you would have to write the book first, and if you are needing help with the writing part, snag my Self-Publishing 101: How To Write A Book From Start To Publish. Otherwise, join us! Classes begin July 11, nightly, Monday through Friday, at 7 PM Central in my Facebook Group: Nextlevel Authorpreneurs.

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Hi, I’m Arilia – an author-publisher with a heart for supporting independent authors. I know how challenging it can be to find affordable resources to help you with writing, publishing, branding, and marketing. So here I am to eliminate that stress so you can… Read More.

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