Using My Mind, Body, and Spirit to Achieve Financial Success

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The Backstory of this Post

I’ve been working on this blog post about obtaining financial success for a while now, and if you’re reading it that means I finally finished it and hit publish. It took me soo long because I will gladly admit that in this season, I am a Technical entrepreneur. I already have the vision and will continue to get the vision, but that’s not where things usually stop for me. I usually get the vision AND the structure needed to bring the vision to life. What am I talking about? Well, earlier this month I shared a TikTok ( included in this post) about how I was learning about a productivity platform and app called Notion from a YouTuber. 

Table of Contents

@misswinn_ Day 10 of project 129 marks a 10 day journey of getting organized and creating a structure for me to get creative in. Im using Notion to help me with me maintain my schedule, my notes and all of my workflows as a business owner. The cherry on top was creating this cape for my daughter. We both loved it!! Tmw is content creation day for me so keep rocking with me. 💛 #authorsoftiktok #project129 #indieauthorsoftiktok #bookpublishing #bookpublishingtips #publisherstory ♬ original sound - misswinn_

They were talking about how there are two types of entrepreneurs and that’s the Visionary and the Technical Entrepreneurs. From their definition, the Technical Entrepreneur resonated with me the most. They described the Technical entrepreneur as someone who is keen on structure and processes and functionality. That is where I am! Especially since taking on the Project 129 Challenge. Even before the challenge I was looking for something like Notion where I can have everything that I use for my day-to-day operations in one place. So I hit pause on my content creation and spent 10 out of the 129 days allotted in the Project 129 challenge, and got organized. On May 5, Day 11, I began to execute my plan and my mission with the details that I had up until this point. I was inspired to start here after reading Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich which I talk about in an earlier blog post. 

Breaking Down Napoleon Hill's Steps to Financial Success with a Mind-Body-Spirit Twist

Today is Thursday, April 27, 2023, and I felt so inspired to write up an article about the Tik Tok Challenge I joined 3 days ago. It’s called Project 129 and was created by two college students who are in their gap year in college. They both are shooting to bring in $300,000 in revenue in 129 days. In 129 days they will be deciding whether they will be going back to school or not. Use the hashtag #project129challenge to look more into it. Well, as a business owner who has been focused on increasing Winn Publications’ cash flow and supporting more indie authors, I’ve been so excited about this challenge.

My First Quarter at Winn Publications

In the first quarter of this year, I really leaned into planning and organizing and evaluating, and making changes. I spent 6 months last year battling with anxiety while reading as many self-help books as I could get my hands on! Lol! Two things happened:

I had my best year in business financially
I learned a crap ton about myself, my body, my mind, and my spirit. I would be silly not to apply what I learned and am learning to this challenge.

In this blog, I want to tell you how I am using my mind, body, spirit, and Napoleon Hill’s Six Steps to Financial Success to achieve my financial goals.

I was influenced by, “Think and Grow Rich”

According to Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” the first step to achieving any financial goal is to fix your mind on it. This means being clear about what you want to achieve and then setting a specific deadline for its achievement.

My goal is to acquire $300,000 in revenue over a period of time of four months, with a deadline of Sept. 1, 2023. 

Mind: Developing a Plan with Your Mind for Financial Success

It should go without saying, but your mind/mindset is a powerful tool for achieving your financial goals. According to Hill, “To develop a plan for achieving your goal, start by writing a clear and concise statement that includes the amount of money you intend to acquire, the time limit for its acquisition, what you intend to give in return for the money, and how you intend to accumulate it.” That all it takes and what happens is, sometimes we overthink it.  I say, “We,” because I was like that too. And what I’ve learned is that we just need to have the framework and then build it out. Other times our minds are scattered. We have the framework (the vision), and we also have some of the details (the technical aspects) but they are written everywhere which can lead to self-doubt and we all know that self-doubt leads to unfinished projects and unrealized dreams. So for me, Notion has been an app that’s game changer for me. It’s free and I can use it on my computer and my phone. 

In regards to developing my plan as recommended by Think and Grow Rich, I shared my plan in a previous post, so to summarize, my plan: 

  • Making sure that my body, mind, and spirit are in harmony
  • Collaborating with other publishing professionals
  • Implementing a marketing strategy to reach my audience
  • Sharing what I’ve learned in author guides and blog posts like this one
  • Creating opportunities for the community to get involved AND be appreciated for their support 

I’ve since turned my plan into a statement that I mention it again later, but I use my statement as a daily prayer that I say twice a day. It’s included at the top of my Notion dashboard so picking up my phone and reading it is a seamless action I take. 

Body: Taking Care of My Body for Financial Success

I believe that taking care of your body is essential for achieving your financial goals. Self-care is so important and it’s really the little things that matter. I strongly believe that “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”  So for me, this means getting enough rest, eating healthy food, and exercising regularly.  I know that when I take care of my body, I’ll have more energy to focus and work on my financial goals.

My self-care looks like spending time with family on the weekends and in the evenings. It looks like taking care of my skin and taking steps to keep my energy up. It looks like going for walks and taking breaks throughout my work day. It looks like being present in my downtime and not thinking about work, but focusing on the moment. Journaling also, but I mention that as apart of Spirit. 

Spirit: Connecting with Your Spirit to Achieve Your Financial Goals

I’ve learned that connecting with my spirit is also essential for achieving my financial goals. This means praying, meditating, or using other spiritual practices to align your energy with your goals.

For me, I will be praying my statement that I wrote out as part of the Six Steps To Financial Achievement. Praying in a way that isn’t begging, but in a way that is simply giving God thanks for the vision and thanks for details.  I will be journaling throughout the day, especially at the top of my day and before I go to bed at night. I’ve also created guided meditations for myself to visualize achieving my financial goal as well as some other personal goals. 

My Expectations

I expect to be surprised. I expect everything to work out for my good.  I expect to achieve my financial goal. 

Stay Up-to-date

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