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Hi there! I am Arilia Winn, I go by Miss Winn, and I have found a way to publish books and live well my way. If you are interested in working together, you have come to the right page. Below you will find information about how to work with me to publish your book, as well as how to book me to be a guest speaker at your next event. 

Empowering Authors & Advocating for Wellness

As the C.E.O. and Founder of Winn Publications, I support independent authors, helping them navigate the complex landscape of book publishing through services, distribution with Renaissance Reads, publishing and advertising opportunities with Renaissance Reads Literary Magazine and various other resources. 

I have also published several books around the subject of building healthy relationships, including poetry books, a children’s coloring book, and works of fiction.

As a part of my belief in mental wellness and writing to heal, I have designed hard-cover affirmation journals to uplift and inspire writers. I also share my story as survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault and speak to survivors of trauma and single mothers and parents.  

Comprehensive Publishing Solutions

If you have been following me for some time and have went away and are back, then you should know that I have moved all of my book publishing services to Winn Publication’s website. You can find book publishing packages there, book distribution services, author promotion opportunities, and information about my literary magazine Renaissance Reads Literary Magazine. I made the switch recently as I determined that I would use my personal platform to coach authors, market my publishing company and its components, write about topics that matter to me the most, and share my creative aspirations. 

Explore my authors services: you will be redirected to Winn Publication’s website. 

As an Author Mentor I help authors write, publish, and sell books while creating more moments of wellness. 

“You give the best advice out there.” – Stephanie Ellison, Best Selling Author, Winn Publications Author of Children’s Book “Always Forever”  (For more reviews go here.)

Committed to growing with my community I first learn and then share what I know about writing, publishing, and selling books. These 3 components often include book marketing and author branding. Each area is packed with sub-categories and before 2024 is over it is my goal to spill the beans on everything that I know, package it up into courses and create programs for authors like you who invest in themselves and their craft.

You can learn with me and download my ebooks and courses, you can book a consultation with me below or you can connect with me on social media for free tips and tricks daily. 

Interested in picking my brain? 

For writers, authors, and book publishing professionals let’s elevate your journey and turn it up a notch. Let me know what you need and together we will come up with a game plan to ensure you reach your goal.  Topics available for discussion include but are not limited to: 

  • Book Publishing
  • Book Design
  • Book Marketing 
  • Defining your Target Audience
  • Creating offers 
  • Branding 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Event Hosting 

My time is the most precious thing to me. In the event that you don’t show up or cancel a $25 will be required before you can rebook. Please schedule your appointment with me wisely. Also, I know that my prices are low right now, but you can expect for them to increase over time. Don’t wait, book me today! 

My Author- Publisher achievements include: 

  • Publishing over 40 books at Winn Publications
  • Designing close to 100 books (paperback, ebooks, hardcover books)
  • Publishing 7 Amazon Best Sellers at Winn Publications
  • Authoring several books in the following genres: Author Resources, Children’s Books, Coloring Books, Poetry, Short Story, Healthy Relationships, Christian & Spiritual Reads
  • Hosting 5 pop up markets called “The Sunshine Handmade Market” in Southern California in 2021
  • Hosting multiple writing & publishing workshops virtually and in person 
  • Advocating for victims of trauma and speaking at multiple events regarding domestic violence and sexual assault and sharing my survivor story 
  • Founding Board Member of Simply Encourage Non-Profit Organization 

Here is a list of events/ conferences/ workshops I've spoken at: 

  • April 2023- Mind.Body.Soul: It’s All Connected, Let’s Heal Together, Virtual Panel Discussion
  • August 2022- Industrious Women’s Summit, Hosted by BBB Pacific Southwest Virtual Event, California
  • February 2022- Expresso’self Poetry Event Hosted by Irvine Valley College
  • February 2021- Writing With Miss Winn: Coping With Trauma Through Expressive Writing; Partnered with And I Stand Non Profit Organization
  • October 2020 – The Color of Reason Domestic Violence Forum Program
  • October 2020- Teen Domestic Violence Blue Roundtable Discussion
  • September 2014- Opal Network Alliance Women’s Summit, Domestic Violence Roundtable

Email me to inquire about my booking fees. I am located in Melbourne, Florida. I would be willing to travel or attend virtually. 

Speaking Up For Wellness Sake

For over a decade I have been an advocate for women who have been victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. I have given many presentations where I have shared my testimony and have talked about my healing journey. Being transparent about my struggles with mental wellness and talking about them resulted in two things. The first thing was it brought me healing (more moments of wellness). The second thing was it inspired others to heal. I have written about my experiences in a book titled “In the Beginning”. While it is a fiction short story, it is based on real life experiences. “In the Beginning” is the prelude to another book coming soon. 


Dive into a transformative workshop experience, where I offer a blend of writing and wellness. From therapeutic journaling for trauma survivors to navigating the world of book publishing, each session is designed to empower, fostering personal growth and resilience.

Write to Heal: Journaling for Trauma Survivors

This workshop guides survivors through therapeutic journaling, providing a cathartic outlet for healing and personal growth.

Navigating the World of Book Publishing

Learn the ins and outs of publishing, empowering aspiring authors with knowledge and strategies to navigate the competitive industry.

Live Well Your Way: Taking Control of Your Life

Promote wellness by empowering participants to create their unique path, reclaiming control after navigating challenging life situations.

Crafting Your Personal Story: From Experience to Narrative

Transform personal experiences into compelling narratives, empowering participants to share their stories authentically and impactfully.

Empowering Single Parents: Balancing Dreams and Parenthood

This workshop equips single parents with practical tools to balance personal aspirations and parenting responsibilities, fostering empowerment and resilience.

Keynote Topics

Inspiration, Survivors Empowerment, Mental Wellness, Personal Growth, Mentorship, Motherhood, and Professional development

Target Audience

Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Aspiring Authors and Writers, Single Mothers and Parents, Mental Wellness Advocates and Enthusiasts

Services Offered

Publishing Services, Mental Wellness Resources, Speaking Engagements, Writing Workshops, Advocacy and Support